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Computer access through gaze interaction

The PCEye Go replaces your standard mouse, allowing you to navigate and control a desktop or laptop computer using only your eyes giving you increased independence.

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Computer access through gaze Interaction

Running on standard Windows computers, PCEye Go allows you to work with any application that is normally controlled by a mouse. Surf the web, connect with friends online, play games, Skype, turn on the lights or TV, and even make spreadsheets and documents using only your eyes.

Anyone with limited motor skills due to ALS, spinal cord injuries or other impairments can benefit greatly from the Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go.

Relaxed, precise and faster computer access

The PCEye Go comes with the software Windows Control, which includes two access methods: Gaze Selection and Mouse Emulation. The award winning Gaze Selection makes it possible to enjoy:

  • A more relaxed experience – With the two-step process of Gaze Selection, clicks are made intentionally and navigation is more intuitive, creating the most relaxed and natural computing environment.
  • The ability to hit smaller targets – A unique zoom functionality gives virtually pixel-precise control of where you point, click and drag.
  • Faster computer access – Efficiently access all of the functions of your computer with fewer mistakes and clicks, and at a high speed.
  • Integrated keyboard – Use the built in keyboard to write texts or to enter a web address.

Portable computer access

Easily attach and detach The PCEye Go from your computer using a magnetic mounting bracket and a USB connection.  It is lightweight, while being small enough to be easily transported and used with different computers, like at work or in school.

Independent processing

Maintain your computer’s normal speed and function as all processing for the eye tracker is done on the PCEye Go itself. This means that you do not need the latest, most expensive desktop or laptop in order to use gaze interaction as a computer access method.

If you do have high PC performance demands, simply upgrade your computer and continue using the same eye tracker via a single USB connection.

Increased personal independence

The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go provides unbeatable computer access as well as the opportunity to interact with others, take control and live life to the fullest. It allows you to do what you want, when you want, without having to rely on others – vital to living a healthy, more independent and happy life.

Improved Social Interaction

Write emails to your friends and family, access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, give friends and family updates about yourself through a blog or a personal website – even make phone calls. With the PCEye Go, you can take advantage of all forms of communication.

Express yourself more easily, creatively and independently

Artistic expression through eye control can be a healthy way to spend time, acquire new skills and promote creativity, all things that increase health and happiness. Previous PCEye users have created and sold paintings, written books and even started successful businesses.

Independent recreation

Taking part in any type of recreation is a way to pass the time, have fun, learn, and stimulate your mind. Accessing a computer and the Internet through the Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go is one way to do it.

Control devices in your environment

Remotely control IR enabled devices from your PCEye and take control of things like lights, telephones, TVs, DVD players, toys and more. This allows you to regain much of your freedom and independence.

Easier on your neck and shoulders

Improve ergonomics at home or the workplace and prevent common injuries like repetitive strain or carpal tunnel. Using Gaze Interaction and the PCEye can be less straining on your neck and shoulders than using a head or traditional mouse or relying on ergonomic keyboards and switches.

Greater possibilities for returning to the workplace

Remain in the workplace longer or even return to work using the PCEye, which allows for completely hands-free computing.

Cost benefits

The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go provides great cost benefits to schools and resource centers that offer the PCEye to its students and users.

No need for super computers

With a built in processor that takes care of all eye tracking processing, the PCEye Go does not limit the performance of the host desktop or laptop. Therefore,  all you need is a standard, off-the-shelf PC.

Upgrade your computer, keep the PCEye Go

Since the PCEye is a clip-on module, you can easily upgrade your computer(s), without having to replace the PCEye.

Loads of applications

Use the PCEye for all sorts of applications: from playing simple cause-and-effect-games, to office tasks, face-to-face and long distance communication as well as full blown computer access. Use it for smart boards, plasma and sensory projections and mats. The versatility of the PCEye makes it a very cost effective investment for a classroom or other multi-use environments.

Supports multiple users

Ideal for multiple users, the PCEye Go lets you easily change settings between different users and physical locations. The accuracy, precision and robustness of the PCEye  allows it to track most individuals, regardless of glasses, contacts or dark or light pupils.

Works with standard laptops and desktop computers

Use the Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go with any laptop or desktop computer that runs Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (see specs for more details). Attach it via unique magnetic mounting plates and a USB cable, perform a simple installation and calibration process, then run any application using gaze interaction.

Small, lightweight and portable

The PCEye Go eye tracker is small and lightweight, taking up little space when you are on the move. It comes with a practical travel case, making transportation even easier.

USB powered

Power the PCEye Go through a standard USB 2 cable, which makes it extremely portable and easy to connect and disconnect.

Magnetic mounting plates

Easily snap the PCEye Go onto the included smart magnetic mounting plates and connect the USB cable. Detaching is just as simple.

Contemporary design

A sleek, contemporary design allows the PCEye Go to discretely blend in with modern desktops and laptops, without drawing attention away from what you want to accomplish or say.

Built-in processor for maximum performance

For maximum performance, all eye tracking processing is done on the PCEye Go itself. This means no additional workload for your computer, so you do not need the latest, most expensive desktop or laptop in order to use gaze interaction.

Fast and simple, one-time calibration

Calibrate the PCEye Go eye tracker in only 5-20 seconds. Calibration is a one-time process, which means you can turn off your computer or leave the eye tracker without losing your personal settings.

Multiple user profiles

Create, save and retrieve different settings depending on your situation. With multiple user profiles, you can have one setting in the morning when you might be more alert, and a different one in the afternoon when you are becoming tired.

Multiple calibration profiles for different users

Perfect for a classroom environment, the PCEye Go lets you save and access multiple user calibration settings at anytime.

Two modes to control your computer

Control your computer through Mouse Emulation, which replaces the traditional mouse cursor with your gaze, and the award winning Gaze Selection. PCEye Go comes with the Tobii Dynavox Windows Control software, which eliminates the need for a physical mouse, switch or keyboard should you want.

Gaze Selection makes it possible to fully control your desktop, or any other application, through an intuitive two-step process that reduces the risk of unwanted clicks. This provides more relaxed computer access and the ability to hit smaller targets.

Watch a short presentation of Gaze Selection here.

Integrated keyboard

Write quicker and more accurately on Gaze Selection keyboards using SwiftKey word prediction. SwiftKey constantly learns the way you type and the words and phrases that matter to you. Next words are predicted with such accuracy that a third of the suggestions are right the first time without the need to press, or look at, more than two letters. SwiftKey also uses advanced error correction, which produces text you can rely on in a fraction of the time it takes on a regular keyboard.

Watch a quick presentation of the Gaze Selections keyboards here.


Should you need dedicated, augmented and alternative communication software, you can also run Tobii Dynavox Communicator and Tobii Sono Key. These powerful software packages provide many options for more assisted communication, computer access and environmental control.

“The Tobii Dynavox advantage”

With over a decade of dedicated research, experience and innovation, Tobii Dynavox is the global pioneer of eye tracking technology. Over the years we have improved our technology and expertise, which is built into all our eye trackers, including the Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go.

Advanced patented algorithms, filtering and high quality components, to name a few, make all Tobii Dynavox eye trackers extremely accurate, precise and robust.

Learn more about our eye tracking here.

High precision and accuracy

Hit even the smallest targets on the screen, with almost pixel precision, with the zoom functionality of Tobii Dynavox Gaze Selection, found on the PCEye Go.

Largest Trackbox

Move your head without losing accuracy, or interrupting your eye tracking session. The imaginary trackbox volume is among the largest on the market, which gives you the freedom to sit or lie down comfortably with maintained eye tracking performance.

Head movement compensation

Move freely within the trackbox, while maintaining superior precision and accuracy. Should you move outside of the trackbox, the PCEye Go will quickly find your eyes again and continue to track them.

Superior Trackability

The PCEye Go provides high-quality tracking for over 95% of users, regardless of most lighting conditions, eye color, or if you are wearing contacts or glasses.

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