Hurricane Harvey Emergency Resources

Over the past couple of days, Hurricane Harvey has devastated large areas of Texas and other Gulf coast states with historic flooding. The rising flood waters have resulted in families being displaced from their homes, often in a hurry or with no warning at all. In instances like this, essential communication, education, and behavioral resources are often left behind. Additionally, times like these can be difficult for first responders to assist individuals with communication challenges.

To help those in need of communication, education, and behavioral support and aids, we’ve created various resources that can be downloaded and used. These are intended to be used right away to help support individuals impacted by these events. You may consider the need to customize or adapt these for those you share these resources with.

When natural disasters or public emergencies occur, educators and parents are always faced with difficult decisions about how to handle conversations and communication with the children who trust them for guidance and safety. Addressing these events in a responsible and thoughtful manner is what's most helpful for your children and those impacted by the situation.

Communication Resources

We’ve created communication boards with symbols specific to medical needs, emergency situations, and feelings. Use these to communicate with family, friends, emergency responders, and anyone else you may need to interact with.

Medical Board and Keyboard

Download the PDF


Hurricane Support and Core First® Board

Download the PDF


Educational Resources

Find various activities, like reading and writing, specific to Hurricane Harvey that will help to educate students on the event.

To view even more educational resources, please visit by clicking here.

Behavioral Resources

Discover resources that help to explain and show what to do and how to behave during an emergency situation.

Social Story - Staying Safe in a Hurricane

Download the PDF (half page book)

Download the PDF (whole page book)

Additional Resources

Find additional resources from outside groups and associations on different ways you can help and support those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

International Literacy Association - Here's How You Can Help Libraries and Schools Affected by Hurricane Harvey

AAC-RERC - Emergency Communication: Disaster Preparation, Response, and Recovery for People with CCN

Do you have questions or would like to find out what you can do to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey? Please contact





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