A letter from our CEO

One year ago, I proudly announced the merger of Tobii Dynavox and Smartbox with the aim to join forces and enable even more people with disabilities to do what they once did, or never thought possible. As companies and industry peers – we love and admire the Smartbox team and what they do. We felt that together we could create something even greater with our complementary skills and assets.

After a long and tedious process, the UK Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) concluded that this merger cannot happen. The conclusion from the CMA is that Smartbox will have to be transitioned to a new owner in an upcoming sale process.

I do not agree with the CMA and the allegations of all the harm that joining forces could render. That’s simply not who we are. The vast majority of people and organizations in our industry have one common goal - and I can assure that we will relentlessly work towards just that: to give more people a voice!

Faithfully yours,

Fredrik Ruben
Tobii Dynavox

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