Communicating wants and needs

"For an autistic child, just like for anyone else, communication isn’t limited to speech. It is important to develop other “communication” skills as well. There is a range of communication systems used by individuals with autism including using symbols, technology, speech, gestures and signs. Remember, there is no “one size fits all” approach that works for every child.

We know that early intervention is key to the development of all skills. Developing a child’s skills to communicate their wants and needs will not be an overnight process and you will observe many small steps on their communication journey. As parents, care givers and educators it is vital that we are clear on the child’s communication goals and that we act in a consistent manner each and every time.

Keep an open mind and celebrate each of your child’s communication milestones."

— Chris Wade


Immediate success and a structured path of levels

Are you looking to help your child communicate now, with a plan to help them develop more communication skills as time moves on? It’s important to find a communication solution that not only has the tools they need to communicate “out of the box” but also provides a plan and strategy for moving forward to learn new skills and support language growth.


Topic messages within each topic

Once you know what your child wants to talk about, do they struggle with finding the right words to put together messages about that topic? Messages should be available to them that include questions, comments, positive and negative statements and even partner focused messages that give them an opportunity to talk beyond basic wants and needs.


A “needs” topic page

Have you thought that it would help your son or daughter if they just had a way to express what they need all in one place? Beyond just requests, it’s important for autistic individuals to have a way to express comments about their needs, positive and negative thoughts, and questions.


An early communicator system

As a parent you are probably looking for ways to help your child start communicating. Do you wonder how you could get started with a system simple enough for your child to get excited about it, but with the support you need to make sure they continue to grow? Tobii Dynavox Compass is such a solution.

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