Smyle Mouse

Controla tu mundo con una sonrisa.

El software Smyle Mouse es la tecnología de mouse de cabeza de última generación. Incluye un puntero de cabeza, un clic de sonrisa y un clic de permanencia. Puedes usarlo como un poderoso mouse de cabeza o como un novedoso método de acceso donde tu sonrisa actúa como un pulsador.

Simplemente descarga Smyle Mouse en tu dispositivo Windows y comienza a usarlo en minutos. El software reconoce y rastrea tus gestos faciales con una cámara web que ya puede ser parte de tu dispositivo.

No se requiere el montaje de cámaras especializadas ni el uso de pulsores adaptativos o stickers en la cara.  

Smyle Mouse viene incluido con los dispositivos I-Series+ (I-15+ y I-12+). Para usar con otros dispositivos de seguimiento ocular, ponte en contacto con nosotros.


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What is Smyle Mouse?

The Smyle Mouse is the next generation in head mouse assistive technology. It includes traditional head mouse functions as well as a face gesture based clicker and a dwell clicker, all bundled together in one convenient software package. It allows complete hands-free and voice-free mouse control of devices running Microsoft Windows® 7 or above.

Using Smyle Mouse, you have complete mouse control over your device using simple facial gestures. These facial gestures can include gentle head motion and facial expressions such as smiling.

Along with movement of the mouse pointer by use of head motion, Smyle Mouse also provides clicking, scrolling and dragging actions, using patent pending gestures. Head mouse control can be activated by the act of smiling. For example, to move the cursor (using head motion), smile as you move your head. Once the cursor starts moving (which is instantaneous), it will keep on moving until you stop smiling and stop moving your head. To click, do a quick smile; that is, smile for a short duration. Having said that, out of the box, Smyle Mouse emulates traditional head mouses in that it does not require the user to smile to start mouse pointer motion. For more details, watch one of our short demo videos.

What you get with Smyle Mouse

Hands-Free Mouse Control

  • Point, click (left/right, double), drag, scroll
  • Pixel perfect precision, responsive, and smooth
  • Runs on Microsoft 7 or above

As Easy As a Smile

  • Simple and gentle gestures
  • No stickers on the face
  • Easy 10-second calibration

Accessory Free

  • No additional cameras required
  • No switches, sip-n-puff, etc.
  • No power cords or extra wires needed

Do What You Want

  • Communicate and socialize
  • Surf the Internet
  • Work


Smyle Mouse is now available on all Tobii Dynavox I-Series+ devices. 

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