Preparing your District/Organisation for Boardmaker 7

Attention all Boardmaker Online Subscribers:

When Boardmaker 7 is released the Editor and Student Center within your Boardmaker Online account will no longer work. They are being replaced by the installed Boardmaker 7 Editor and the Boardmaker 7 Student Centre app. If you are a Personal or Professional subscriber, you can also follow the steps and install the software ahead of time. Please take the steps below to avoid disruption making and using Boardmaker activities!   If you do not have the ability to install software on your computer yourself contact your IT department to download and install these applications no later than November 16, 2020Boardmaker 7 is releasing Tuesday, November 17, 2020! Please keep Adobe Flash installed until this time. 

  1. Information on how to access the pre-release installer for Windows, Mac and Chromebook can be found here  
  2. Install and run the pre-release installer. A message will be displayed indicating that the installation was successful. You will not be able to use the software until Boardmaker 7 is released. Installation supports and information can be found below.
  3. This software will update automatically when Boardmaker 7 is released. Until that time, continue to use the Boardmaker Online Editor or Boardmaker Studio. Please keep Adobe Flash installed. If you are a Personal or Professional subscriber, you can also follow the steps and install the software ahead of time.

If there are any technical questions specific to deployment, please contact Technical Support by emailing  or by calling 0114 481 0011 option 1. If you are a Chromebook user, this is a list of specific questions and requirements relating to the running of Boardmaker 7 on those devices.

Any deployed copy of the test software will be automatically upgraded to the working software. It will not need to be reinstalled when staff begin using Boadmaker 7 when the product officially launches.

Watch these three videos for helpful tips: What is Boardmaker 7, 3 Things to Know, and 3 Things That Will Change.

System Compatibility


Minimum System



Mac OS







Google Play


IT Deployment Guide

Boardmaker 7 Organization is a hybrid web/installed solution for organizations. Learn how to properly deploy Boardmaker within your organization.

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Compatibility Tester App Installer

Download this free app for Windows and Mac, available in .dmg, .exe, and .msi to check your computer and be prepared for Boardmaker 7.

.dmg Download

.exe Download

.msi Download


Compatibility Guide

The Compatibility Guide provides details on supported operating systems, domains that must be whitelisted, and information on the Compatibility Tester App.

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Security Whitepaper

Learn how Boardmaker 7 Organization has been built to deliver reliable and secure service within your district’s existing network and security infrastructure.

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