Who is Lucie?

Lucie Quarta lives with her family in France. Due to being born with cerebral palsy, she needs a lot of support from her family to live her life. With the help of her family, she feels able and strong. They have always encouraged her to pursue her passions just as any other person would. Even though being a student is very challenging, Lucie studies Computer Science because she enjoys thinking about technical problems and defining different solutions for them. What Lucie loves most is to dance. She feels that when she is dancing, all the barriers of language fall away and she can express herself without any words.


How does Lucie communicate?

Lucie uses an EM-12, a tablet-based speech generating device with eye gaze, to give herself a voice. By using just her eyes, she can complete coding assignments, scroll through her social media, and communicate much faster and more easily than she has ever before.


"Living with a disability is a heavy weight to carry, but because of technology and a family who love me as I am, this weight becomes light as a feather and I can live with goals and passions and dreams."

- Lucie Quarta


Why did Lucie do this video?

Lucie and her family love to share with others about how her EM-12 has changed her life. Most important to her is that she can take it everywhere and always be able to express herself with confidence. In 2018, Lucie was able to speak at the Microsoft Experience Event in Paris, sharing how her device improved her everyday life, including giving her the ability to type and use her mouse without hurting her wrists and fingers. She feels free.

Who is Tobii Dynavox? 

We are a team of professionals committed and passionate about our work, with one mission; to empower you to do what you once did or never thought possible.

Tobii Dynavox was founded in 2001; since then we've grown to be the world leader in augmentative communication solutions such as eye tracking, touch access devices and software.


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Just like Lucie, there are millions of people in Europe who have enormous potential that can be empowered with the right tools. Communication is a human right and we are obliged as a society and governments to support and provide people with disabilities with the necessary tools to have a full life and achieve their social and professional potential.

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