CMH: Introduction to Snap+Core First (LAR,TX, 2/28/19)

Entrenamiento En Sitio
jueves, 28 de febrero de 2019

Tipo de capacitación : Presentations in a Box


Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants will be able to:

* Describe 3-4 key features within the Snap with Core First page set.

* List 3-4 communication tools in Core First that address language development and/or literacy learning.

* List at least 3 supporting resources for the Snap with Core First communication software.

* Identify 2-3 key components of the Pathways companion app.

Curso Contenido Nivel: Introductory

Fecha & Hora: jueves, febrero 28, 2019 08:15 - 09:15 CT


UNITED ISD  201 Lindenwood Dr.,  LAREDO,  Texas  78045,  United States

Costo: Sin cargo

Plazas: 4

Presentador: Trisha Mendoza

Trisha has been a Regional Sales Consultant with Tobii Dynavox since 2013. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Management and International Business from the University of Texas. She also graduated with University and Business Honors. Trisha has had the opportunity to specialize in AAC and assistive technology evaluations, providing support and trainings to families and therapists in the greater San Antonio and South, TX area.

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