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Tip and Tricks with "Snap + Core First "Private"

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jueves, 18 de octubre de 2018

Tipo de capacitación : Device Training


2018: Tips and Tricks with Snap + Core First
Course Description: You are invited to attend and participate in the exploration of the Snap + Core First communication software from Tobii Dynavox. Using lecture and hands-on exploration activities, participants will learn about the communication solutions of Snap + Core First that support communication engagement, literacy and language growth. Techniques for customization, simplification, and implementation will be our focus. Each participant will leave the session with a handful of resources and practical tips that can be used the very next day!
Learning Objectives:  Upon completion, participants will be able to:  • Name three communication tools that can be used to promote language and literacy development with an individual who is using the Snap + Core First communication software.  • Describe two methods for customizing Snap + Core First communication software to support engagement in routine and novel activities.  • List three types of positive behavior supports that may be integrated into the Snap + Core First software.

Curso Contenido Nivel: Introductory

Fecha & Hora: jueves, octubre 18, 2018 01:30 - 03:45 MT

Costo: Sin cargo

Plazas: -18

Presentador: Lisa Cisneros

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