Support suppliers

In certain markets and places we work together with a group of carefully selected and trained resellers, or support suppliers. Just like us at Tobii Dynavox, our resellers are really dedicated and passionate about what they do.

In some markets, like in the UK, we work together with more than one reseller. When you buy a product via our web you can choose the support supplier you prefer. The chosen reseller, or support supplier, will your primary contact for all product related questions and technical issues.

The support supplier will also be able to provide you with training, sometimes at an additional cost, but also recommend suitable accessories or add-on software to further enhance your product experience.

How you choose a support supplier

On the checkout page, where you add your shipping address you also select your support supplier (selected reseller). Your selected reseller, or support supplier, will receive a copy of your order confirmation email so that they know what products you have purchased and how to contact you.

Tobii Dynavox will be your default support supplier.

Our support suppliers in UK and Ireland

Here is a list all our resellers, support suppliers, in the UK and Ireland here.

Contact your Support Supplier or Tobii Dynavox?

Problems with your order

If you have a problem with your order or delivery of your order – contact Tobii Dynavox customer service at

If you have a technical question about your product – contact your support Supplier. You’ll find your contact info in you order confirmation email.

Returns within 30 days

If you want to return your product within the 30 days contact, please take part of our Return PolicyWe only accept returns handled in our specified way. 

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