Return Policy

Please carefully read Tobii Dynavox’s return policy summarized here and fully set out in our Terms and Conditions. Please remember that you have agreed to this when you have purchased our product.

Note: This return policy only applies to Tobii Dynavox products purchased through Tobii Dynavox AB or Tobii Dynavox Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Tobii Dynavox). Please direct any claims for purchases made via e.g. one of our resellers directly to them.

Return within 30 days ("30 Day Money Back Guarantee")

You - as our Customer - have the right to withdraw from the purchase within 30 days from the date your order was dispatched from Tobii Dynavox if nothing else is agreed between the parties or if there are no other purchase agreements in place between the parties. Please be aware, that we will accept returns that meet the specific return criteria listed below. In this case, Tobii Dynavox will provide a pre-paid shipping label for the return. However, we reserve the right to deny any return if it fails to meet these criteria.

If you are having issues with a product, please consider these options before returning:

If you still want to return the product, please read and follow the below return instructions carefully:

1. Request a Return (CR)

A written statement for the reason of the return is required to process the return or complaint. Prior to sending any product to Tobii Dynavox, please submit a return request or call toll free at 800-344-1778.

2. Receive your CR Number

Customer Service will send you a CR Number. The email containing the CR Number is sent manually by our Customer Service team so you will only receive it during office hours. To provide any potential refund, you are requested to follow the instructions in the CR provided by Customer Support. Not following the instructions might lead to your package being misplaced or lost. It is critical that you send all returns with the CR Number written clearly on the package.

Note: Obtaining a CR Number does not mean that the complaint or return is approved. Products returned without a CR Number will not be serviced.

3. Pack the product carefully and secure the box before closing

Products returned must be in new condition and accompanied by all original accessories, documentation and packaging (this also applies for exchanges).

4. Shipping costs for returns, exchanges and complaints

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer, Tobii Dynavox does not pay for these costs. Customer must send all products back with the CR Number and via a trackable source (i.e. FedEx, UPS, USPS).

5. You are responsible for the dispatch and handling

This Shipping label should include the CR Number and it should be prominently displayed on the outside of the package.

6. Refund or exchange for returns

As soon as we have received your product and it has arrived in the original package with no damage then we will issue you a refund within 15-20 business days.

Note: If we receive your product and items are missing or damaged we will contact you about the issues. We will not proceed with the refund until we have all items from the purchase.



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