Boardmaker® is a trusted tool for parents, teachers, and therapists to create symbol adapted accessible curriculum materials for students - regardless of their abilities.

Whether you're looking to create a picture schedule, working to meet Common Core Standards, or even teaching a new language, there is a Boardmaker Software Family program for you.

Boardmaker - Boardmaker lets you create valuable printed materials, like communication boards, sequences, and schedules that are perfect for all your students.

Boardmaker Plus! - Boardmaker Plus! offers all the same features as Boardmaker for creating print-based materials, but it doesn't stop there. Boardmaker Plus! transforms your paper activities - and your students' learning experience - by making your activities interactive for use on the computer with sound, animation, and video.

Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro - Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro is thw natural choice for students who need support with communication. It delivers the same on-screen and print options of Boardmaker Plus! and Boardmaker, but it also gives students challenged by speech even more power with high-quality voices, word prediction, and abbreviation expansion.

Boardmaker Studio - Boardmaker Studio allows you to create professional-looking boards and activities faster and easier using pre-programmed tools and 100s of pre-made templates in every instructional area.

CD/DVD drive required to run Boardmaker software: If intended computer does not have a CD/DVD drive, please consider Boardmaker Online.

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