Entry Level Eye Tracker

The PCEye Explore is an entry level, peripheral eye tracker that opens up the wonderful world of gaze interaction to everyone. With the PCEye Explore, young or inexperienced users get a simple, fun, and no-fail way to learn how to use eye tracking and gaze interaction, while at the same time preparing for AAC communication.

By connecting it to your laptop or desktop, the PCEye Explore lets you move the mouse pointer and perform left clicks, using only your eyes. This basic functionality, in combination with the vast number of compatible software titles and webpages, lets users splat, smudge, reveal, paint, play, draw, make music, and more, essentially leaving them no ways to fail, but plenty of opportunities to learn while having fun.

The PCEye Explore is available with either the simple Gaze Point software or Windows Control that is suitable for more advanced users who want to control their entire computer.

No-fail play to learn basics

Look at the screen and watch what happens. In a playful environment, learn the basics of gaze interaction by seeing a result from every action.

Track the responses

A visible mouse cursor shows where the eyes are looking. When actively engaging with the screen, it is possible to start looking for deliberate and appropriate responses.

Targeting and Learning

When familiar with the interaction process between the eyes and the screen try active targeting. With “no-fail” targeting software, there is always something fun, exciting, and interesting to experience.

Eye Tracking Apps for Fun and Learning

There are virtually thousands of third party software titles and web applications that brnig excitement, fun, and "no-fail" activities where there has otherwise mostly been work, repetition, and effort. As long as the app works with a mouse cursor and an optional left mouse click, you can use it with the PCEye Explore!

See some of the compatible products and webpages here.

Gaze Point Software for Early Intervention

For early intervention and simple eye tracking, you can use the Gaze Point software. Use the settings to control the basic functionality of the PCEye Explore - turn the eye tracker on or off, show or hide the mouse cursor, and turn click on or off. Also, a discreet onscreen heads-up-display indicates whether the user is properly positioned in front of the eye tracker or now, allowing for optimum eye tracking performance.

Windows Control Software for More Advanced Users

For users who want to have full access to their computer and the possibility to do left, right, double clicks, drag and drop, and more, the Windows Control software is more suitable. Click here to learn more about Windows Control. 

Precise 1-Point Calibration

Calibrate the PCEye Explore in just a few seconds with 1-point calibration. This fast method still delivers a precise and accurate enough result to make full use of the PCEye Explore. It is ideal for quick calibrations of those unable or not in need of more accurate calibrations.

Cost Benefits to Schools and Centers

The PCEye Explore provides great cost benefits to schools and resource centers that offer eye tracking to its students and users, either as a complement or an alternative to switch usage.

  • As a clip-on module, the PCEye Explore allows you to use it on different computers or to upgrade your desktop or laptop computer(s).
  • Use the PCEye Explore with many software titles and web applications – from playing simple cause-and-effect-games to precise targeting.
  • High accuracy, precision and robustness make the Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore ideal for environments with different users. It can track most individuals, regardless of glasses, contacts lenses, or dark or light pupils and supports multiple user profiles and magnetic mounts.


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