Cost Benefits

Cost benefits

The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go provides great cost benefits to schools and resource centers that offer the PCEye to its students and users.

No need for super computers

With a built in processor that takes care of all eye tracking processing, the PCEye Go does not limit the performance of the host desktop or laptop. Therefore,  all you need is a standard, off-the-shelf PC.

Upgrade your computer, keep the PCEye Go

Since the PCEye is a clip-on module, you can easily upgrade your computer(s), without having to replace the PCEye.

Loads of applications

Use the PCEye for all sorts of applications: from playing simple cause-and-effect-games, to office tasks, face-to-face and long distance communication as well as full blown computer access. Use it for smart boards, plasma and sensory projections and mats. The versatility of the PCEye makes it a very cost effective investment for a classroom or other multi-use environments.

Supports multiple users

Ideal for multiple users, the PCEye Go lets you easily change settings between different users and physical locations. The accuracy, precision and robustness of the PCEye  allows it to track most individuals, regardless of glasses, contacts or dark or light pupils.

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