Play, Track, Learn

For over 20 years, teachers, parents, and therapists have used Boardmaker to create and design their own print and interactive symbol supported activities. These activities help to enhance learning and communication for students with special needs.

Now, imagine giving your students the ability to use Boardmaker interactive activities with their eyes. It's possible...with PCEye Explore!

When used together, the PCEye Explore and Boardmaker create an exciting and educational experience for entry-level eye tracker users. Here are just a few ways that teachers, therapists, and parents can take advantage of the PCEye Explore’s affordable new technology:

Access Boardmaker activities

Use PCEye Explore either as a complement to, or an alternative to scanning. Give your students a new and natural way to participate.

Create simple cause and effect activities

Help students learn how to use eye tracking. Since students are familiar with Boardmaker activities, this helps to create a fun and stress-free way to learn a new technology.

Quickly and easily support your entire class

With multiple user profiles and magnetic mounts, changing settings between different users and physical locations is a breeze.


Add Gaze Viewer, an assessment tool used with eye tracking, into the mix and your Boardmaker featuring PCEye Explore combo now has the ability to help you understand an individual user’s physical capabilities and cognitive understanding.


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