The Device

Designed for optimal eye tracking and interaction


Advanced speech recognition

To further enhance the process of creating spreadsheets and documents with eye tracking, verbal access users can now use speech recognition to dictate. When your voice is heard clearly, dictation is the fastest way to convert spoken word into written text. The PCEye Plus features a high-quality 4-array microphone system integrated into the eye tracker to assure it picks up every word. Providing you with two extremely useful interaction methods you can freely switch between to suit your needs.

Greater precision with switch control

The PCEye Plus has an integrated switch port on the device, so you always have your switch connection exactly where you need it. Combining eye tracking and switch gives you the power to control your computer more intentionally and efficiently. With the “sticky left click” the mouse cursor will follow your eyes continuously, and whenever you hit the switch, a left click is performed. Our software Windows Control is designed for switch and the possibility for Switch Scanning, which enables more intentional eye tracking, for greater control and precision.

 Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus

Expertise and experience you can rely on


High precision and accuracy

The PCEye Plus, together with the zoom functionality of Windows Control, allows you to consistently hit even the smallest targets on the screen with almost pixel precision.

Head movement compensation

Move freely within the trackbox while maintaining superior precision and accuracy. Should you move outside of the trackbox, the PCEye Plus will quickly find your eyes again and continue to track them.

Largest trackbox

The trackbox, which is the imaginary volume within which you can move your head without losing accuracy or interrupting the eye tracking session, is among the largest on the market. The large size gives you the freedom to sit or lie down comfortably while maintaining eye tracking performance.

Superior trackability

The PCEye Plus provides high-quality tracking results for over 95% of users*, compared to any other system, regardless of most lighting conditions, eye color, or if you are wearing contacts or glasses.

The power to use the latest technology


Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus

The robust design of the eye tracker combined with software developed specifically with Microsoft Windows in mind, makes the user experience seamless and keeps you prepared for the latest advancements in consumer electronics.

Picture of the PCEye Plus switch port

Other benefits of the design include magnesium backing for optimal heat distribution and weight reduction, emphasized microphone slot, and a sleek silver/black color theme that matches the Tobii Dynavox product family.

The power to choose your solution


Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus desktop

The PCEye Plus fits perfectly on most laptop, and desktop monitors with an excellent performance on up to 27’’ screens and processing take place on the PCEye Plus, enabling the usage of old and low-performance PCs. Giving you the ability to adapt it to your current computer quickly without additional cost. The 30 inch USB 2 cable and light and slim design of the eye tracker also provide a broad range of setup possibilities.

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus

Easily connect the eye tracker to an external monitor, and the switch port allows for switch use directly where needed. Once mounted, the same magnet mount bracket can be utilized with the PCEye Plus, PCEye Mini and PCEye Explore.

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