U.S. Trial Program

Tobii Dynavox is pleased to offer a trial program in the United States for many of our devices, offering our customers the opportunity to try an AAC device in their own environment for a period of up to four weeks.

Many customers pursuing the purchase of a Tobii Dynavox device via a third party funding source such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance are required by the funding source to complete a trial prior to approving the purchase.

Download Funded Trial Agreement


Download Direct Pay Rental Agreement


Download Spanish Funded Trial Agreement

Download Spanish Direct Pay Rental Agreement


To request a trial, please complete the Trial Agreement and submit it along with payment or the completed funding packet to:

Fax: 1-412-381-5241

Email: trials@tobiidynavox.com

Mail: Tobii Dynavox, Attn: Trials, 2100 Wharton Street, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Devices Available for Trial

I-110 Indi Indi 7 I-Series Lightwriter SL40 Connect
Indi Snap at a slight angle

The following software is included on Tobii Dynavox trial devices:

  I-110 Indi Indi 7 I-12 I-15 LightWriter SL40
Snap 1 1 1      
Snap Scene 4 4 4 4 4  
Communicator 5  1 1 1 2 2  
Compass        2
Gateway        3 3  
PODD        3 3  
Wordpower         3  3  
Look 2 Learn        4 4  
Sensory Eye FX       4 4  
Gaze Viewer        4 4  
ALL  4 4 4 4 4  
  1. Snap and Communicator 5 are provided on Indi for trialing purposes. Purchased Indi devices will include one software selection. A second software selection can be added to Indi purchases at an additional cost.
  2. Communicator 5 and Compass are provided on I-Series for trialing purposes. Purchased I-Series devices will include one software selection. A second software selection can be added to I-Series purchases at an additional cost.
  3. Full versions of accessory software is included for trial purposes. This software can be added to purchased devices at an additional cost.
  4. Trial versions of software are limited in available material and length of trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Trial FAQs

Q: Will Medicaid, Medicare, or my insurance cover the cost of a device trial?

A: The Tobii Dynavox funding team can assist with Medicaid, Medicare, or personal insurance funding for device trials. Please select “3rd party funding” as the payment source on the rental agreement. Some additional paperwork is required. Copies of our funding forms are available here.

Q: I would like to utilize my third party funding source. What can I expect once I submit my trial request to the funding department?

A: The Tobii Dynavox Funding Team will contact your funding source to verify eligibility for a trial device and review the paperwork that has been submitted. There are times when our inventory is limited, and a short waiting period (usually 2-3 weeks) may be needed prior to shipment. We’ll contact you when the trial is ready to ship, and training with the local sales consultant is available.

Q: I will be paying directly for the trial. How should I proceed?

A: To request a direct pay rental, please select the applicable payment method and submit the completed rental contract and method of payment. Tobii Dynavox accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Credit card information must be complete and contain the cardholder’s name and billing address, card number, expiration date, and security code.
  • Check or Money Order: The original check or money order made out to Tobii Dynavox must be included if paying by check or money order.
  • Purchase Order: A copy of the purchase order made out to Tobii Dynavox must be included if paying with purchase order.

Q: What if I rent then end up purchasing? What happens to the money I paid for the rental?

A: If the same individual, organization or funding source that covers the cost of renting a device subsequently purchases a device within the next six (6) months for the same end user, the cost of the rental (Four week maximum) excluding any insurance and shipping costs is credited towards the purchase of your Tobii Dynavox device. Please note that the rental cost must be paid in full before a credit can be issued.

Q: Can I purchase insurance against accidental damage during the rental period?

A: Tobii Dynavox rental customers can purchase an all-inclusive Rental Insurance for their rental equipment. This guarantee becomes effective on the date the product ships from Tobii Dynavox to the rental customer and expires upon the return to our Pittsburgh, PA headquarters. Insurance is available for $100.00 and provides coverage for any damage that may occur to the trial device during the rental period. Insurance does not cover theft or loss. Disassembly of the product will void this guarantee. Funding sources, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and personal insurance will not cover the Rental Insurance fee. Please provide an additional payment (check, credit card, etc) for the Rental Insurance if you are working with a funding source.

Q: Who is responsible for repairs caused by damage if I do not purchase insurance?

A: The rental agreement is a binding agreement that holds the signer responsible for any damage to the rented product unless rental insurance is purchased prior to receipt of the rental. By signing this agreement, you are assuming liability for the equipment during the rental period. The signer is also responsible for replacement costs related to theft or loss of the rented product and accessories, and any late fees if the rented device is returned later than the specified due back date regardless of whether rental insurance was purchased.

Q: What mounting options are available for trial?

A: Rolling Floor Stands, Table Top Mounts, and Wheelchair Mounts are available for Trial. The choice of a Rolling Floor Stand or Table Top Mount is included in the cost of an I Series Trial. Mounts accompanying T Series trials will incur an additional cost. The T7 and Lightwriter cannot be mounted for trial.

During Trial FAQs

Q: Are there training and support materials available?

A: www.mytobiidynavox.com is a great place to start for support materials. We recommend the Compass and I-Series user guides, which can be found on the following links: (Compass) (I-Series)

For additional information on technical support and training click here.

Q: Can I save my custom pages so that I can use them later on the device that I am purchasing?

A: In order to transfer any saved pages from the trial device to the device you purchase we recommend backing up any custom programming to www.mytobiidynavox.com or an external source before returning the rental equipment. This will allow you to load the custom programming onto the purchased equipment when you receive it using the ‘Restore’ feature.

Q: The attached mount plate does not fit the mount I was provided. What should I do?

A: I-Series trial devices ship with the mounting plate pre-installed and should match the mount you were provided. The I-Series plate is compatible with both Daessy and ConnectIt mounting systems. If the mount plate on an I-Series device doesn’t seem to fit, remove the plate from the back of the device and reverse its position. See the plate mounting instructions here.

T-Series trial devices include Connect It mount plates when ordered along with a mounting system.

Q: Is return shipping included? What is the best way to return the device?

A: Tobii Dynavox supplies a UPS return shipping label with every trial shipment. If you are missing a return shipping label, please contact us at trials@tobiidynavox.com so that we can provide a label. We will not be able to reimburse you if you choose to pay for the return shipping.  To return the equipment at no cost, all that you need to do is securely pack the equipment in the original box, apply the return label over the existing label, and drop it off at the nearest UPS pick up location. To find the nearest UPS shipping location, please visit www.ups.com/dropoff  Please be aware that if you ask UPS to pick up the equipment from your location they may charge you an additional fee that is not covered by Tobii Dynavox. For a free return, please follow the process outlined above.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-344-1778, Select Tobii Dynavox Menu, then Option 2

Fax: 412-381-5241

Email: trials@tobiidynavox.com

Address: Tobii Dynavox, Attn: Trials, 2100 Wharton Street,
Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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