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iOS users - add a Speech Case to your iPad* and experience AAC the Tobii Dynavox way!

The Tobii Dynavox Speech Case and Speech Case Pro are iPad cases designed specifically for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Equipped with extra loud speakers, Snap Core First communication software, warranty options, and more - the Speech Case and Speech Case Pro provides a reliable communication solution for iOS users by transforming your iPad* into a true AAC device. 

Choose between Speech Case for iPad 9.7" (6th and 5th generation only) and Speech Case Pro for iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd generation only).

Learn more in our compatibility section.


Do you already have Snap Core First? Speech Case and Speech Case Pro can be purchased without software. 

*iPad or iPad Pro not included.

Product no: 800797

Step 1 - Size (match your iPad*)

Step 2 - Color

Step 3 - Software

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"Hey iPad."
Meet the Speech Case 

Transforming your iPad into a true AAC device

Everyone has their favorites, and if yours is iOS, the reliable communication solution you’ve been waiting for is here. The Speech Case, which was designed specifically for AAC with ultimate durability and unmatched sound, helps to unleash the power of your iPad, so you can experience AAC the Tobii Dynavox way. 

Some things are just better together

When combined, your iPad or iPad Pro and the Speech Case work together to create a solution for communication like never before. The Speech Case gives users the freedom to choose technology they already know, parents can rest assured knowing their child is comfortable with their device, and SLPs can be confident in recommending a best-in-class solution for their client.

An iOS solution designed for AAC

Built purposefully for AAC
with a  durable yet light weight design so you can go anywhere with confidence. 

Be heard loud and clear
with powerful, integrated, outward facing speakers that provide AAC quality speech output from your iPad.

Created to adapt
to your lifestyle with an integrated handle, strap, and mounting plate holes so you never have to compromise.

Designed to meet
your access needs with one or two switches for control and independence over your iPad. 


Your One Stop Communication Shop

Tobii Dynavox is an Apple Authorized Reseller (US only). If you are interested in purchasing a complete speech tablet, Speech Case and Speech Case Pro are available with iPad or iPad Pro, Snap Core First, and 1-year of telephone support. To learn more about this speech tablet option, please click here.

*Please note, at this time only US customers can purchase Speech Case or Speech Case Pro with Snap Core First. 

A Comprehensive Ecosystem of Support

Speech Case and Snap Core First are supported by an unparalleled ecosystem of content and a library of resources to help you learn and grow your literacy and communication skills. Created by leading professionals in the field, Snap Core First’s broad range of supports will help to ensure successful language development.

Pathways for Core First

Tobii Dynavox Pathways is a free, one-of-a-kind companion app for Core First that’s packed with expert advice for how to meaningfully impact user communication success and guide them on their journey to literacy and independence. Designed to facilitate successful use of Snap Core First software, Pathways is a unique learning gateway that will enhance partner communication skills and features an interactive goal setting tool, lesson plans, and materials, cheat sheets, and videos.

Learn More

Download for iOS

core book go

Core Word Lessons and Core Word Books

Free downloadable Core Word Lessons are designed to support the numerous free Core Word books we offer and lessons that focus on 3 key goals - to teach what each word means or how it is used, the position of the word in the system, and finally how the words work in connected text. There are no other pagesets today that make use of this type of teaching supports. 

Learn more


With Snap Core First, you can back up all your files to the cloud via myTobiiDynavox.com, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about losing what you have created. Also, this is an excellent way to practice remote editing and modeling. Remote editing is important for parents or SLPs who want to make changes to their child’s pagesets while their child is still using the device for communication, and modeling is one of the best strategies for teaching someone how to use the device.

Learn More

Recorded Webinars logo

Live and Recorded Webinars

There are an abundance of live and recorded webinars available for free on TobiiDynavox.com. Webinars ranging from beginner to advanced will be available for Snap Core First. Some webinars will be eligible for ASHA CEU credits.

Learn More

Snap Core First give you the power to fulfill your potential

Speech Case and Speech Case Pro come with Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First, the ultimate in symbol-based communication software. The research-based Core First Pageset is centered on Tobii Dynavox’s systematic delivery of the Core Word vocabulary. Topics, Quick Fires, and Behavior Supports, which allow the user to begin their communication journey where they are, and continuously keeps them growing and moving forward. To learn more about Snap Core First, please click here. 

Software solutions to meet all your needs

Tobii Dynavox offers a suite of additional communication software for iOS to meet you wherever you are on your communication journey.

Compass provides powerful tools that help you communicate using the precise words needed. Features the Stroke and Brain Injury pageset.

Learn more.

Snap Scene is an instant scene-based language learning app that turns everyday moments into chances to learn and communicate naturally.

Learn more.

Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL™) is an evidence-based learning approach to teach basic reading skills to users who are non-verbal and require AAC.

Learn more. 

The Tobii Dynavox Speech Cases are compatible with iPad and iPad Pro as follows:

9.7” iPads supported are the 5th (2017) generation and 6th (2018) generation versions:

  • iPad (6th generation) - Year: 2018
    Model # A1893 on the iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi
    Model # A1954 on the iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • iPad (5th generation) - Year: 2017
    Model # A1822 on the iPad (5th generation) Wi-Fi
    Model # A1823 on the iPad (5th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular

12.9” iPad Pros supported are the 2nd generation version only:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) - Year: 2017
    Model # A1670 on the iPad Pro
    Model # A1671 on the iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular

Need help to identify which iPad version you have?

Please see the Apple provided Identify your iPad model help section.


The Speech Case and Speech Case Pro are covered by an optional Support360 warranty. Coverage includes repair for replacement parts, labor, return shipping, and telephone support. Coverage is $119/year for Speech Case and $139/year for Speech Case Pro.

Case and iPad Options

The Speech Case and Speech Case Pro are available in three colors: Steel Gray, Raspberry, and Teal Blue.


Type/Model Speech Case / Speech Case Pro 
Supported Hardware 5th and 6th generation iPad / 2nd generation iPad Pro
Weight 1.26 lbs (570 g) / 1.8 lbs (816 g)
Dimensions 9.8 x 7.2 x 1.8" (249 x 182 x 46mm)  /
12.4 x 9.2 x 1.8" (316 x 234 x 46mm)
Speakers 2 x 31mm
4 ohm, 3.5 W
Connectors Micro USB (charging), Headphone Jack, 2 Switch Ports
Buttons 1 x Power On
1 x Volume Up and Volume Down
Bluetooth® Bluetooth 3
Power & Battery 15.54 Wh Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Run Time >10 hours normal usage
Battery Charge Time <4 hours


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