EyeMobile Mini Bracket

The EyeMobile Mini bracket makes it possible to connect the PCEye Mini eye tracker to a standard Windows tablet.

EyeMobile Mini Bracket Only

The EyeMobile Mini Bracket (bracket only) can be used with a number of Windows 7, 8 or 10 tablets (please see specifications below for system requirements). 

This solution makes it possible to select a tablet that best suits to your individual needs and budget. It also makes it easier to keep up to date with technological developments: Simply replace the tablet when it becomes outdated.

Note: The product option EyeMobile Mini Bracket (bracket only) does not include any eye tracker or software. If you don’t already have a matching eye tracker (specifications below), we recommend to complete your EyeMobile Mini package by adding a PCEye Mini eye tracker (sold separately) which is available in several product options including matching software. 

Product no: 502956

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