Expand and add detail to communication using Word Lists

Published: 06/12/2017 08:46 PM

A great way to enhance conversation with AAC is to utilize the word lists. Word lists are an area of the AAC device that have words centered around a particular topic. Word lists can be found on the Core Words page.

Picture of the Snap Core Words feature

Some word lists contain a button that will take you to Related Lists. For example, in the People Word List there are a variety of people words (i.e. baby, brother, child, grandparents, woman, etc.). Additionally, by clicking on Related Lists you will find words relating to people such as family, government/military people, historical people, work people, etc. Use word lists as a way to expand your vocabulary and to add detail your conversations! 

Snap word lists

Hint:  Use the Edit button (top right corner) to add your own Word Lists or to add individual items to each of the Word List categories.




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