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Published: 06/19/2017 02:49 PM

The hallmark feature of Core First is our Core Word strategy, which was developed based on research, clinical experience, and user testing. 

Key features of the Core Words page include:

  • Word selection for maximum use across environments.
  • Fitzgerald Key word organization.
  • Stable positioning of words as others are systematically added.
  • Efficiency of navigation.
  • Supports (e.g., Core Books and Lessons) that teach the meaning of the words and how to combine them to create unique messages.

The Core Words page is organized systematically by part of speech.   Word categories are grouped together by column and color (e.g., Questions - blue, People - yellow, Actions - green, etc.).  This system of organization is in place to help promote the production of complete sentences through combining individual words.

Core screenshot

You can reach Core Words by either:

  1. Selecting the Home button in the upper left corner.
  2. Selecting the Core Words button located in the Tool Bar.

To learn practical tips for introducing and teaching core words, download thePathways for Core First app.

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