User stories

I am Tongtong

Meet Tongtong from China — for the first time he discovered how to share his voice with the world.

Lana holding an Indi

I am Lana

Like most children her age, Lana Carle likes to play outside.

I am Jazzy

This effervescent 2017 high school graduate is set on making a positive difference in the world and says her Tobii Dynavox I-12 empowers her to move forward.

Picture of Jay Smith and his daughters

I am Jay

From the minute you meet Jay Smith, it’s like being with an old friend.

Brandon Rummel DJ-ing with Compass and iPad

I am Brandon

Beatles fan Brandon DJ-ing on air, announcing through the Tobii Dynavox Compass software on his iPad.

Kelby Johnson is one of our autisic users

I am Kelby

Kelby who has autism is smart, funny, easy to work with, pays attention and gets things done. Best of all, he has a kind heart.

Sebastian is using a PCEye to operate Photoshop and Autodesk Maya using only his eyes

I am Sebastian

Sebastian has an easier path to adulthood thanks to his PCEye.

Picture of a smiling Isabelle

I am Isabella

Isabella has a chance to have a real childhood.

Patrick O'Brien

I am Patrick

Filmmaker with ALS regains a lot with chance he takes on his art and eye-gaze technology

Kylie Bryant is one of our I-Series users

I am Kylie

Eye-gaze communication “best decision ever” for Illinois teen.

Andrea Solomon

I am Andrea

Eye-controlled technology a “natural fit” for woman who loves learning, language and life.

Bo is using a Tobii Dynavox I-12

I am Boden

3-year-old with rare condition finds the power of speech through his eyes.

Carlos Ruiz is one of our young I-Series users

Teen drives his passion for playing chess and participating in life with his eyes.

Christopher Viau is a Tobii Dynavox T10 user

Communication is awesome for seasoned author, artist and athlete.

Doug Schneebeck

The ability to be heard in social situations is outstanding.

James Ellerbee is using his Tobii Dynavox T10

Georgia brothers on the road to communication

Jo Picard is using a Tobii Dyanvox I-15+

Teen loving today, keeping an optimistic eye on tomorrow.

Kip Jackson is using a Tobii Dynavix I-15

Communication, with plenty of laughter, lightens ALS experience.

Nina Muhonen is a Tobii Dynavox user

Paralyzed from a diving accident, still full of life.

Victor Kaiser is using a PCEye Explore

My Tobii device is bascially my life.

James Walker is using an I-Series 12+

I am James

James hadn't spoken in 16 years.

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