I forgot my local username and password on my i110, indi or I-Series device. Can I reset it?

If you have forgotten your username and or the password for the Windows User on a local account for an i110 or indi device you can follow these steps to reset the device.
If you have an I15-series device and it shipped after 01/02/2018 or an I12 Series device and it shipped after 01/18/2018 you can use the steps in this article to reset.

If your I15 series shipped before 01/02/2018 or your I12 Series shipped before 01/18/2018 please select this article How to perform a factory reset on an I-series device to factory reset your device.

You will lose all of your content on the device. This will take quite awhile to reset. In some cases several hours

This is not for a Microsoft account
. If you have a Microsoft account please go here. Select here to reset your Microsoft account
To  be taken to the Microsoft Answer and steps  select the Reset your Windows 10 computer
You will need a keyboard to perform the steps.
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After it starts the reset it will ask again, Now choose Just remove my files

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When Prompted select the Reset option.


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