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We at Tobii Dynavox are commited to providing you with high quality products and services to ensure you have the best experience with us and your device or software.  We design our products to be easy to use but know that you may want help to get you started but also provide support, tips and tricks as you all advance and develop with your device. When you purchase from Tobii Dynavox we have different service agreements that we can offer you which are explained below.  All Tobii Dynavox Devices and Software come with Basic Support package for the lifetime1 of the product.  Which means that you are never left to struggle.  If you need more assistance than is available in the Basic you can upgrade to the Plus! Support package at any time – if not already included with your device.

If you choose to purchase from one of our Tobii Dynavox network of highly qualified and commited Resellers they will be able to provide you with their own packages of support.


  Consumer Basic Consumer Plus!

How to get support:

24/7 access to Support, Training and Download material online Yes Yes
24/7 access to additional online resources via Yes Yes
24/7 access to our Social Media community2 Yes Yes
Email support (via direct Email or webform)3 Yes
within 48 hours
within 48 hours
Web Chat4  No Yes
Telephone Support3 No Yes

That's what we can help you with:

Product Troubleshooting Yes Yes
Feature Requests Yes Yes
Product Getting Started Support No Yes
General Editing instructions No Yes
Remote Maintenance and Updates Paid service Paid service
Personalized Content Development Paid service Paid service

1 The product lifetime for support and service for most Tobii Dynavox products is 5 years from date of purchase. Please check the terms and conditions for your products as this may vary.

2 General help only, more complex/individual issues are refered to support

3 During business hours

4 Where available

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