Boardmaker Instructional Solutions

Curriculum Designed for Students with Special Needs.

Boardmaker Instructional Solutions are a suite of premade curricula that allow you to deliver evidence-based instruction that is accessible, interactive, and aligned to today’s educational standards.

If you need help getting started with Boardmaker Instructional Solutions or need assistance with using the product, our Help and Training Center is a great place to start.

Boardmaker Instructional Solutions are a suite of curricular programs that help all students develop academic skills through the study of literature, current events, and social studies.

Delivered through Boardmaker Online, together these tools are a one-stop solution for accessible, efficient, and engaging instruction, not only for the students, but for teachers as well.


Tobii Dynavox Boardmaker Instructional Solutions offers many advantages, but the three most prominent ones are:



  • Full range of access methods
  • Delivers curriculum wherever you need it
  • Differentiates Instruction


  • Minimize prep time
  • Collects data automatically
  • Solution for standards-based teaching


  • Inspires teacher & student confidence
  • Provides repetition with variety
  • Integrates evidence-based language and literacy supports


Boardmaker Instructional Solutions Expedition Education screendump

These initial offerings, delivered through Boardmaker Online, complement each other by providing a topic-based approach to instruct students in critical skill areas.


Boardmaker Instructional Solutions Current Events Logo

Current events

Boardmaker Current Events is a weekly subscription program providing rigorous academic instruction in ELA and math.

Tobii Dynavox Boardmaker Instructional Solutions Expedition Education Logo

Expedition Education

Boardmaker Expedition Education provides monthly instruction that helps students build world knowledge through the exploration of history, geography, life, and a spotlight on culture.

Boardmaker Instructional Solutions Book Bridge Logo

Book Bridge

Boardmaker Book Bridge is a curriculum to help students with special educational needs meet modern academic standards for reading, writing, and vocabulary development through grade-level literature.


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