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The Boardmaker Community is where more than 200,000 board makers come to search for and share learning activities… all for free.

Use the free Boardmaker Online community to find and share pagesets and activities to help support family, friends, students and others who need help commiunicating and learning. Choose between the three different plans available - personal, professional and dsitrict.

Boardmaker Online is a complete system for delivering personalized instruction and therapy while also measuring student progress.

Boardmaker Online is the one special education solution that supports your entire team. Designed to benefit entire districts, departments, and individual classrooms, as well as the unique needs of the students within them.

Five reasons to join the Boardmaker community

  • Share great activities that you have created.
  • Use powerful search features to find exactly what you need.
  • Find activities professionally created by the Boardmaker Education Team.
  • Search for activities aligned to Common Core standards.
  • Join groups that are specific to your interests.

Boardmaker Online Personal

Boardmaker Online Personal is a complete system that will allow you to provide engaging activities that support learning for kids with special needs.

My son is the most important thing to me and I would do anything to help him succeed. With Boardmaker Online, I'm able to see what he's working on in school and I get access to those same activities at home to keep the learning going. 

Boardmaker Online Professional

A complete system for delivering symbol-based instructional and therapy activities, all while measuring student progress.

Boardmaker Online District

Boardmaker Online District is one system to manage your school, district, or clinic’s Special Education Instruction.

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