Smartbox is joining the Tobii Dynavox family

We are pleased to announce today that two of the leading creators of AAC will be joining forces. As of October 1, 2018, Smartbox will join the Tobii Dynavox family and will soon operate under the Tobii Dynavox brand.

By coming together, we will be able to help more people with disabilities around the world, to communicate and realize their full potential.

Our customers will immediately benefit from the combined portfolio of Tobii Dynavox and Smartbox products, which will include Snap + Core First, Grid software, and devices from both companies. Together we will be able to deliver a strong and comprehensive offering that meets a full range of user needs.

This is a very exciting time for both companies and we look forward to creating even better products and offering seamless support for the community that we serve. We are committed to working together as one team to ensure our customers continue to receive service that we’re proud of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have some questions. We've prepared some answers to the questions that you may have.

Why is Tobii Dynavox buying Smartbox?

Tobii Dynavox's mission is to reach and empower more people with disabilities to communicate and realize their full potential. Smartbox is a leading company in the field of assistive technology with a strong market position in the UK. The combined resources of the two companies will empower even more people with disabilities to communicate.

Why is this good for the customer?

The combined portfolio, which will include leading symbol-based software Grid and Snap + Core First, will form a comprehensive and strong offering that meets a broad range of user needs. Together we will be able to drive more innovation, drive broader programs to educate the market and empower even more people with disabilities to fulfill their dreams and potential.

Will Smartbox continue to operate as an independent company?

No. All staff and functions will be fully integrated into the Tobii Dynavox organizational structure. However, no changes are planned for Smartbox’s current premises and locations.

What will happen to the Smartbox brand?

The Smartbox brand will continue to exist during a transition period. After that it will be replaced Tobii Dynavox.

What will happen with the Smartbox product portfolio?

Grid will together with Snap become an integral part of Tobii Dynavox's software portfolio. Sales of all Smartbox hardware except Grid Pad 12 and Touch Pad will be discontinued.

What will happen to the Tobii Dynavox software portfolio?

Grid & Snap + Core First
We will focus our efforts on building new features and functionalities on Grid and Snap + Core First. Our long-term ambition is to bring these titles closer together. We will work hard on creating transition software from Communicator 5, Compass and Series 5 to Grid and will let you know as soon as these are in place.

Communicator 5Windows Control 2 and Classic Tobii Gaze Interaction Software (TGIS)
We will continue to sell and distribute Communicator 5, Windows Control and TGIS
We will support all users to the commitments we’ve made for at least the coming five years
. We will however not develop any new features and functionalities on these titles 

We will stop selling and distributing Compass. We will however continue to support all users to the commitments we’ve made for at least the coming five years

What will happen to Smartbox's current customers and users?

Together we will continue to provide the highest level of support and services to all customers. Tobii Dynavox will assume full responsibility for all warranties and other obligations that Smartbox has to its customers and users.

What will happen to Smartbox and Tobii Dynavox resellers?

The respective reseller networks will continue to distribute products from Smartbox and Tobii Dynavox. The ambition is that as many resellers as possible should be able to carry the merged product portfolio.


Additional Questions?

If you have other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at or visit our Contact Us page.


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