Timocco’s gaming environment enhances learning and training for children in a variety of functioning levels. It does so in a secure and enjoyable environment with games that are friendly, inviting and that offer age-appropriate challenges for acquiring vital skills.

Unique analytics

View data and track progress over time through charts, displaying the child’s performance and reflecting the path and pattern of eye movement. The Timocco system also allows you to customize games according to the child’s needs and provides a hot map chart that shows the most active areas of eye movement.

The learning curve

Timocco activities encourage exploration of cause & effect, object displacement and zoned focusing, while the more advanced activities aim for a higher functioning level and require active exploration and control targeting.

Pack 1 – Start learning

These early learning games expose the child to letters, numbers and colors. The games encourage work on memory development, exploration and focus while concentrating on recognition and identification of numbers, quantities, letters and colors.

Pack 2 – Start playing

This beginner’s games package provides an interactive sensory experience that encourages exploration of cause & effect, a sense of control and basic targeting while exposure to a variety of attractive environments such as jungle, butterflies and ball games.

Pack 3 – Growing with Timocco

The five non-competitive and educational games of this package encourage exploration of cause & effect, while higher level activities require control targeting and active exploration.

The other activities in this package improve object displacement and zoned focusing.

Pack 4 – Tim Duet

These four, non-competitive and educational software games are designed to improve executive functions and communication skills, emphasizing the generalization process of daily life.

Pack 5 – Cause and Effect

These four games are designed specifically for young children with intellectual disabilities, and/or in their early stages. They provide feedback to the professional for every small and/or unintentional movement.

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