Growth Path

With Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex, you get a comprehensive tool that helps develop interaction and communication skills.

Evolve in many ways

Unlike many other Apps, Sono Flex is not a single, isolated app. Instead, it is part of Tobii Dynavox’s complete range of AAC solutions, from handheld devices to dedicated speech devices and standard PCs. It helps you develop communication and interaction skills, by providing the possibility to grow within, between and beyond Sono Flex.

Grow within Sono Flex

Begin by presenting custom topic boards and, as progress is made,, introduce Fitzgerald Key categories and core vocabulary items. This step-wise, scaffolding process helps the user become familiar and comfortable before moving on to more sophisticated communication.

Grow within the Sono Suite

For some, Sono Flex is the natural next step after Sono Primo. For others, Sono Flex will be the first product before moving to other Tobii Dynavox content products such as Sono Lexis or LiterAACy, which provide even more words and categorization structures.

Move on to other communication devices

Sono Flex is available for the iPhone, iPad, PCs and dedicated speech devices running Tobii Dynavox Communicator, such as the I-12+ or I-15+ devices. This means that it is an easy switch to other devices and still use Sono Flex, without having to familiarize with the application again.

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