Communication skills and interests are individual. Therefore, the more a vocabulary can be tuned to your needs, the easier it is to learn. This individualization has been made easy, respecting the limited time of assistants, therapists and teachers.

Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex offers a high level of flexibility to ensure the best match between your communication needs and the setup of the vocabulary.

50 topic boards engages and saves time

Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex comes with 50 different topic boards that make it easier to talk about things like going to the doctor, music, video games and much more. There are contexts that cover typical pre-school situations, teenage activities as well as topics relevant to older users. Sono Flex even comes with seasonal contexts and topic boards for social games and telling jokes.

With so many contexts available and ready to use SLPs, teachers, caregivers or any other communication partners do not need to spend hours preparing the vocabulary in order for it to be useful for conversations.

Display relevant words and phrases

Prepare topic boards in advance and activate when needed through custom placeholders. This means that a context can be made readily available on one of the four placeholders. On the weekend, contexts such as “breakfast”, “housekeeping” and “outdoor” can be displayed in the placeholders and in doing so, gives you access to words and phrases that are likely to be used during the day.

Edit or create your own topic boards

Easily edit the 50 topic boards that come with Sono Flex by simply using one of the more than 11,000 SymbolStix® symbols that are included (in the full version), adding photos from your image library or snapping an image with the camera.

You can also easily create your own topic boards, using the templates that come with Sono Flex.

Smart linking between core and topic based vocabulary

Smart linking between core and topic vocabularies enables quick and meaningful communication, without complex navigation tasks.

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