PCS Symbols, the symbols that everyone know and love, come in four unique styles: Classic, ThinLine, Persona, and High Contrast.

A part of the Boardmaker Software Family from the very beginning, the PCS™ Classic style is often used with children, young students and adults who are comfortable with its familiar style. Clear, simple and uncluttered, the PCS™ Classic Style helps students draw meaning quickly.

Compatible with all of the products in the Boardmaker Software Family, the PCS™ ThinLine style allows you to add thousands of brand new symbols to your PCS collection. Boasting a clean, more detailed look, the PCS™ ThinLine style offers more support for your academic subjects, and symbols are organized by category so you buy just what you need.

Add extra life to your Boardmaker Studio lessons with PCS™ Persona! Students of all ages will love this style's character representations, designed to help them personalize the instructional process.

Working in conjunction with Linda Burkhart and Gayle Porter, the creator of PODD (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display), Mayer-Johnson has created a powerful library of high contrast symbols for individuals with low vision and visual impairment. These symbols are easier to see than standard symbols, are drawn with bright colors and minimal detail and offer a range of vocabulary topics.

PCS symbols come with Compass, Communicator and Boardmaker.

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