Tobii Dynavox Compass solutions provide powerful tools that help you communicate using the precise words you need for complete communication and self-expression.


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Use Topics for the every day conversations we have about the things that are important to us - activities, what's for dinner or our families. Each Topic comes with a complete array of pre-loaded messages and visual supports so you can quickly communicate in your daily activities.


QuickFires are little words you can use in every Topic and conversation. You can use them to ask and answer questions, get attention, and manage conversations successfully.


QuickPhrases are a fast and easy way to comment in social situations. Use them to greet others, interact socially, share personal feelings, ask questions, and even repair communication breakdowns.


Screendump of Tobii Dynavox Compass Core pagesetCore is made up of single words to use when you want to say something that hasn't already been stored within Tobii Dynavox Compass. Core systematically introduces an appropriate number of words and increases as your skills increase. Pair up Core with Word Lists and the Keyboard to say anything! In addition, Tobii Dynavox helps you support your learning and use of Core with lesson plans, books, and activities… All found on myTobiiDynavox!

Word Lists

In each Topic, there are related Word Lists. Use them to further and deepen your daily conversations and customize them by adding and deleting.


Screendump of Tobii Dynavox Compass whiteboard pagesetUsing a whiteboard drawing app is a great way to involve gesturing in the communication process.

The Whiteboard is like a blank piece of paper that you write or draw on with your finger. Use it to write short messages, letters, or draw pictures to show to your communication partner or for them to show you. Save your drawing or message to use in a future conversation

Positive Behavioral Supports

Positive Behavior Supports include the same visual strategies you've grown accustomed to using. Samples of easily customizable Visual Rule Scripts, First-Then Charts, Contingency Maps, Mini-Schedules, Social Narratives, and Visual Timers are available right within each Topic page!


Screendump of Tobii Dynavox Compass Keyboard pagesetUse the Keyboard to communicate with a single letter or a full word. Choose the Keyboard layout that works best for you, with a variety of alphabetical or QWERTY formats available.

Many also feature Word Prediction that will guess the words you might be typing based on the letters you enter, enhancing your rate of communication even more!

Rating Scales

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Rating scales can be used to quickly share with your communication partner your opinion ("Great-OK-Terrible") or how you are feeling via a pain scale.


Scripts are a series of messages that appear in a specific order to help you practice, and then participate, in the conversations that are important to you. Scripts can be used to tell stories, share information, or start a friendly exchange.

Photo Album

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Sharing photographs is a great way to engage others in conversation, tell stories, share what's going on it your life and provide information. Photo Albums are a convenient way to do this. Photo album creator allows you to place up to 4 captions below any series of pictures. It's a simple and effective way to share personal information or to create a memory book to support memory and orientation activities.


The Dashboard offers you a way to adjust settings in your Compass software, and quick access to additional control tools. The Dashboard tool is located on the communication toolbar. From the Dashboard you can quickly adjust access method, IR set up and access, volume setting, communication level and layout, as well as access to back up and restore menu. Use the Dashboard to customize your Tobii Dynavox solution for your specific needs and to access additional tools for greater communication independence.

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