Victor Kaiser

Victor Kaiser is a happy Tobii Dynavox user

Victor Kaiser is 20 years old, lives with his family in southeastern Stockholm, Sweden, and has cerebral palsy. By utilizing modern technology, Victor is able to communicate with his surroundings and live a more independent life – both privately and at school.

“My Tobii device is basically my life,” says Victor.  “Thanks to it, I can do school work without the help of an assistant. In my free time, it is mostly about being able to keep things private.”

Due to his cerebral palsy, Victor Kaiser requires a wheelchair and his speech is difficult to understand for an untrained ear. However, when using equipment from Tobii Dynavox, a PCEye Go, I-Series I-12+ and EyeMobile, he can communicate and have a dialogue with people around him.

Victor lives with his parents and three siblings, and is in his third year at an IT high school – a regular high school that has not been adapted for the disabled. His studies are focus on aesthetics and the media.

“After high school, I first and foremost plan to travel around the world a bit and then come back to Stockholm and take a Math exam. Then, I will apply to a Sports Psychology program.”

My Tobii device is basically my life

The specialization in sports fits with his interest in gym. In his spare time he likes, among other things, to play video games as well as watch the TV show Gladiators.

Smaller and faster

Victor sees major differences between the old and new equipment that he uses today.

“The difference in today's products compared to the ones I had when I was new to using Tobii is that the new products are smaller and faster, and for the most part offer better functionality.”

Victor has a large interest in technology and at home, he has a lot of technical products. This interest has helped him in his work helping Tobii Dynavox to develop products from a user's perspective. For the past two summers, Victor has worked at Tobii where he has performed software testing as well as looked for bugs. The summer job has given him a taste for more, and he is now busy translating the Tobii Dynavox website from English to Swedish. Victor uses Tobii Dynavox equipment in a very active way, both in school and in his free time.

“My Tobii device is almost my life. Thanks to it I can do school work without the help of an assistant. In my free time, it is mostly about being able to keep things private. I use Facebook, Skype and email as well as surf the web, use Photoshop, control my TV and watch streaming material and more — all by myself,” says Victor, who could not imagine a life without Tobii Dynavox.

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