Nina Muhonen

Nina Muhonen is a Tobii Dynavox user

When Nina Muhonen was just 17 years old, she had a spinal cord injury from a diving accident that left her completely paralyzed. After an extremely difficult period, she was able to get her life back.

Today, Tobii Dynavox solutions are a part of the tools that make a huge difference in Nina’s life – giving her better possibilities for communicating with her surroundings – both at work and privately.

Nina Muhonen is a trained behaviorist and cognitive therapist, and works as a coach and supervisor at Hermods, where she guides job seekers into the labor market or towards further education.

“The accident led me to change my plans of becoming a lawyer. Instead, I studied behavioral science with a focus on psychology, an area where I felt I could make the most difference,” says Nina.

A simpler workday

Nina still has the power of speech, but to communicate with her surroundings via her computer she has been using Tobii Dynavox devices and software for eye control for the past few years. This has simplified Nina’s daily life in many ways.

Before discovering Tobii Dynavox, she used a head mouse that forced her to constantly move her head.  The result is that her shoulder and neck muscles would become very tired and soar over time.

Tobii Dynavox solutions help me to work more effectively, both at work and in my free time.

“Tobii Dynavox products allow me to work without having to twist my neck. Instead of straining the muscles in both shoulders and my neck, I can work with eye movements to get what I want on the screen, all by just clicking the mouse with my eyes.”

Nina uses a Tobii Dynavox program where she selects letters with her gaze, thereby forming words and sentences that she then uses in different ways to communicate.

“Tobii Dynavox solutions help me to work more effectively, both at work and in my free time."

Stronger personal integrity

Nina describes another advantage with the product, how it has strengthened her personal integrity.

“Because I can choose what I want to type by looking at the keyboard on the screen, I do not have to talk loudly in public places in order to give voice commands to the computer.”

Nina realizes that there are endless opportunities for computer access via Tobii Dynavox solutions. In addition to purely job-related uses, this also applies to things like social media and more. She also appreciates being constantly involved in tests and development programs together with Tobii Dynavox, in order to create even more flexible solutions, and to pave the way for others to benefit from them.

"I definitely think that people should test Tobii Dynavox products because they bring you so much more freedom in so many ways", says Nina.

"Tobii solutions help me to work more efficiently, both in my work and in my free time."

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