VocaliD Voice Drive 2017

Calling all potential voice donors -
Tobii Dynavox needs you!

Throughout 2017, Tobii Dynavox UK are running a Voice Drive to encourage as many people as possible to become voice donors

But why?

Because AAC voices must evolve: as it stands, millions of users are using the same voices.

VocaliD is an innovative new product that allows individuals to create a unique, synthesised voice from only three seconds of sound recording, blending a user’s own vocal quality with a matched voice donor. Which is where you come in…

In order to create these bespoke voices, this new technology requires a large database of voice donors. We are collecting all types of voices, accents and vocal qualities to create as large a database of voice donors as possible, to truly capture the diversity of the human voice.

How to participate?

All you need is an internet connection, a computer and a headset microphone. You can donate your voice in the comfort of your own home, knowing that you may be providing an AAC user the opportunity to have their own, unique vocal identity.

Join the Tobii Dynavox Voice Drive and give someone the gift of voice.

Donate your voice today!

 If you want to learn more, please visit the VocaliD product page.

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