iPad Speech Case

iOS users - add a Speech Case to your iPad and experience AAC the Tobii Dynavox way!

Turn an iPad into a touch screen AAC tablet with the Speech Case - a rugged, fitted silicone shell with integrated speakers, made for people with speech and language disabilities. Grab it on the go and put it down where you like thanks to a built-in kickstand and handle. Use the embedded switch ports and wheelchair mount plate holes for additional access needs. Speech Case for the newer version 10.2-inch iPad model has the added benefit of crash corners and a snap-on faceplate for extra protection. Add our symbol-based Snap Core First communication app to transform an iPad into a true AAC device. Available in two sizes.

9.7" case size compatibility:

  • 2017 9.7-inch iPads (5th generation)
  • 2018 9.7-inch iPads (6th generation)

10.2" case size compatibility:

  • 2019 10.2-inch iPads (7th generation)

Identify your iPad model

Product no: 113500

1 - Size (match your iPad*)

2 - Color

3 - Software (not available in all countries)

How to buy

Hey iPad.
Meet the Speech Case

Transforming your iPad into a true AAC device

Everyone has their favorites, and if yours is iOS, the reliable communication solution you’ve been waiting for is here. The Speech Case, which was designed specifically for AAC with ultimate durability and unmatched sound, helps to unleash the power of your iPad, so you can experience AAC the Tobii Dynavox way.

Some things are just better together

When combined, your iPad or iPad Pro and the Speech Case work together to create a solution for communication like never before. The Speech Case gives users the freedom to choose technology they already know, parents can rest assured knowing their child is comfortable with their device, and professionals can be confident in recommending a best-in-class solution for their client.


An iOS solution designed for AAC

Built purposefully for AAC
with a durable yet light weight design so you can go anywhere with confidence.  

Be heard loud and clear
with powerful, integrated, outward facing speakers that provide AAC quality speech output from your iPad.

Created to adapt
to your lifestyle with an integrated handle, strap, and mounting plate holes so you never have to compromise.

Designed to meet
your access needs with one or two switches for control and independence over your iPad.


The Speech Case and Speech Case Pro are covered by an optional TD Care warranty. Coverage includes repair for replacement parts, labor, return shipping, and telephone support. Coverage is USD$119/year for Speech Case and USD$139/year for Speech Case Pro.

Case and iPad Options

The Speech Case and Speech Case Pro are available in three colors: Steel Gray, Raspberry, and Teal Blue. 


Type/ Model Speech Case / Speech Case Pro 
Supported Hardware 5th and 6th generation iPad / 2nd generation iPad Pro
Weight 1.26 lbs (570 g) / 1.8 lbs (816 g)
Dimensions 9.8 x 7.2 x 1.8" (249 x 182 x 46mm)  /
12.4 x 9.2 x 1.8" (316 x 234 x 46mm)
Speakers 2 x 31mm
4 ohm, 3.5 W
Connectors Micro USB (charging), Headphone Jack, 2 Switch Ports
Buttons 1 x Power On
1 x Volume Up and Volume Down
Bluetooth® Bluetooth 3
Power & Battery 15.54 Wh Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Run Time >10 hours normal usage
Battery Charge Time <4 hours


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