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Please note: This I-110 bundle is for customers in North America only. There is a different, especially adapted I-110 bundle for any other country as well. Please contact us to get more information.

The ultimate touch-based speech generating device for augmentative and alternative communication.

The Tobii Dynavox I-110 is tailored for real life. Featuring a purpose-built, ultra-rugged design, Gorilla Glass, naturally intuitive user interface, and an IP54 classification, the I-110 delivers exceptional durability, performance, and reliability.

With the I-110, you’ll have the confidence and freedom to communicate however and wherever you want, giving you the power to break through boundaries and explore life on your terms.

The I-110 comes with Snap + Core First, Communicator 5, Snap Scene, ALL, and the Boardmaker Student Center all pre-installed. The I-110 is covered by a 3-year Support360 warranty and comes with a durable case and an integrated kick-stand.

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