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Rehadapt Vario Float QP

The Rehadapt Vario Float QP is an adjustable rolling floorstand with a free-floating articulated arm. It’s designed to securely mount your assistive technology device, place it by your side, and adjust the arm for correct positioning. Highly adjustable in both height and base width, the Vario Float enables a smooth passage through narrow doors and allows close placement to beds, recliners, sofas, and wheelchairs. The overhanging floating arm counterbalances the device’s weight, allowing it to float freely in any direction just by moving it lightly. This floorstand comes with a convenient rolling transportation bag and its quick pack (QP) functionality makes it easy to flatten the floorstand without tools to fit into the bag.

Rehadapt Vario Floorstand mount plates are made to fit Tobii Dynavox (and many other) devices. Device not included.


What makes the Rehadapt Vario Float QP Floorstand unique?

Man with ALS in hospital bed talking to a visitor with a Tobii Dynavox AAC device mounted to a floorstand.

Adjustable height

The telescopic column makes it easier to select the desired height. And the overhanging floating arm counterbalances the device’s weight, allowing it to be repositioned seamlessly and freely in any direction. This is especially useful for positioning a device in hard-to-reach places, such as over the center of a bed.

Adjustable width

Rehadapt Vario Floorstands have a very stable and flexible rolling base that sits just above the floor to allow positioning around and even under most furniture.

Rehadapt Vario Float QP Floorstand

Size & Weight


Tube 1


Tube 2



22,9 lb (10,4 kg)

Load capacity

4,4-13,2 lbs (2,0-6,0 kg)