How do I Import my Communicator 4 user into Communicator 5?

November 20, 2017

Before following the directions below, please perform a full export of your user from Communicator 4.  You can find the Export feature from the File menu.  Please make sure to choose Full export when prompted to choose between Full, Standard, and Custom.

  1. If this is your first time opening Communicator 5, and you have not yet created your initial Communicator 5 user, please follow the following steps to create a blank user.
    1. Type in a User Name that you plan on using with your Communicator 4 information.
    2. Choose a voice
    3. Select your input mode.  If you choose Gaze Interaction, choose the Gaze Profile as well.
    4. Select Next
    5. Choose Start with blank home page (it's kind of a small button.  It's on the right, directly above Text Communication)
    6. Choose Next, then select Finishand OK(there will be a pause, but then a home page with three buttons will appear).  Continue with the instructions below.
  2. In Communicator 5, open the quick menu (touch and hold anywhere on the screen, right click if you are using a mouse, or select Ctrl +M on the keyboard).
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Select the User Setup tab. 
  5. Select the Import/Export button which opens a wizard to assist you.
  6. Select Import selected settings and data
  7. Select Next.
  8. Browse to the location of the file to import.  Select +next to This PC/Computer.  Select the the location where you exported the file.  Select the .vse file you want to import in the right view port. 
  9. Select Next.
  10. Select Full Import (If you don't see this, the Wizard may have skipped the screen, choose Back to make sure it wasn't skipped).
  11. Select Existing user if you already created a user in Communicator 5 that you want to use (or if you followed step 1 in these instructions).  If you prefer to use a new user, choose either Same as exported or Create new user.
  12. Choose Next. 
  13. If you are using Gaze Interaction, you will get a prompt telling you that you will need to calibrate.  Choose OK
  14. Import will begin and you should get a message stating whether or not the import was successful.  If import was successful, choose Finish.  If import was not successful, please contact technical support.