Remaining in work or school

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The workplace and school are an important parts of life. It is not only a way for you to make a living and contribute to society, but also a vital environment for social interaction, achieving goals, personal satisfaction and a sense of belonging.

The occurrence of a stroke, ALS or a spinal cord injury can strip you of this meaningful part of life and make it extremely difficult to regain.  With the ability and skills to use a computer, however, you can make a quicker return to the workplace, earn a salary that is in-line with non-SCI workers and gain a feeling of fulfillment in meeting challenges and making a difference. It begins with eye control technology and the Tobii PCEye Mini and the PCEye Explore makes it possible.

Increased chance to remain in work or school

Studies show that SCI drastically lowers an individual’s chances of getting a job. Only 40 percent of those suffering from a spinal cord injury return to work after their injury, while only 25.6 percent of these return to work full-time.*

The good news however, is that computer skills are a factor that can greatly increase your chances of employment after a spinal vord injury. With the ability to use a computer through an eye tracking device, those with SCI have nearly the same employment rate and salary as non-SCI workers.*

Higher salaries

A higher salary is just one benefit of computer skills. The typical wages for both SCI and non-SCI computer users are nearly identical, whereas workers with SCI unable to use computers at work earn approximately 40 percent less than non-users of computers in the general population.*

Increased quality of life

Computer skills can also lead to increased happiness and a more satisfying and independent life. With the ability to use a computer at work, those with, for example SCI or ALS,  have the opportunity to interact with people on a daily basis, be part of the team and regain the sense of belonging that is one of the most important aspects of the workplace. It also allows for better decision-making, the chance to be a leader and see the results of hard work. Users can accomplish more on their own and work can be done more efficiently.

Computer access through gaze interaction

The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini and PCEye Plus are portable eye tracking devices and they make up some of the most effective ways for those suffering from SCI to gain computer access in order to re-enter the workplace. It is easy to use, quick to set up, highly accurate and provides total control of your computer using only your eyes. The Tobii PCEye Mini helps SCI users return to work through:

  • Easy, one-time calibration for quick computer access
  • Compatibility with nearly any Windows PC or tablet
  • Portability for use both at work and home
  • A high performance, built-in processor for optimal computer speed
  • Accurate pupil tracking of nearly any eye type, even with lenses or glasses
  • Compatible with an extensive range of software
  • A large track box that allows for a wide range of movement

*Alan Kruger and Douglas Kruse; Labor Market Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries in the Dawn of the Computer Age, NBER Working Paper 5302, National Bureau of Economic Research:

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