Artistic expression

Tobii Dynavox painting made by Graham Fink, using only his eyes

Artistic expression through eye control is a healthy way to spend time, acquire new skills and promote creativity, all things that can increase health and happiness. Artistic expression takes on many forms. Whether it is painting, writing poems or books, composing music or one of the thousands of other ways that people express themselves artistically, the occurrence of SCI or ALS can make it difficult to release the creativity inside.

No matter if it was a passion before the injury or disability or a newly acquired interest, many people are able to express themselves artistically with the aid of computer access through eye control.

Be creative with your eyes

Using eye control to access a computer allows you to use the many different software and services available to help inspire creativity and lets you take part in artistic expression. If painting and art is your passion, there are programs that allow you to create real works of art that can be printed for sale, or displayed on your wall at home. You can also edit photos and videos, and take part in many other forms of graphic art.

For expressing yourself in writing, eye control can be used to type with your eyes on an on-screen keyboard. It is more convenient than using a physical switch or mouth stick and allows you to put your thoughts down on paper nearly as fast as typing by hand.

You can even compose music with your eyes. Software exists that allows you to generate musical scores and play them back using a variety of instruments. You can also mix tracks, create new sounds and be your own DJ.

Improve quality of life

Artistic expression through eye control is also a healthy way to spend time, acquire new skills and promote creativity, all things that can increase health and happiness.

As one artistic gaze interactionuser, Sara Ezikiel, with ALS put it:

My PCEye has recently given me a new lease of life since I acquired Revelation Natural Art software. I had always loved drawing and painting and studied art and the history of art.

When I lost the use of my hands, I was forced to stop. I did try painting with a switch but couldn’t manage it. Little did I know that I would paint again using Tobii eyegaze technology.

Of course, it’s very different to using my hands and I’m still learning how to use the program and different techniques. With great perseverance, I solved my problems and have my first painting hanging on my wall!

Eye gaze artists in action

Below are two videos of two very different artists using gaze interaction to paint. One is of the late and extremely talented Francis Tsai who passed away too soon.

This other video is by Graham Fink, who is not your traditional AAC user. He works at the ad agency Ogilvy in China.



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