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Tobii Dynavox and the benefits of Windows Control and social networking

There are plenty of ways to communicate, stay in touch with friends and family, socialize and meet new people online, by yourself and in your own privacy. One way to do it is through gaze interaction.

Trillions of emails, hundreds of millions of Facebook status updates and years worth of video uploaded to sites like YouTube every day. With eye control you don’t have to miss out. With a device like the PCEye Mini, you can gain complete control over your computer and take advantage of all forms of communication. Write emails to your friends and family, access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and give friends and family updates about yourself through a blog or a personal website.

Private phone calls

When you want to make a phone call, dial the number yourself*. Computer access through eye control means no more relying on someone to type a number for you – and listening in on your conversation. This means more independence and more privacy.

Interact with your children

Parents with, for example SCI or ALS, who are unable to move themselves can regain the ability to interact directly with their children. A range of eye controlled software and environmental control devices allow you to play games and take part in activities together.

Companies like Sensory Guru  have worked together with Tobii Dynavox to develop solutions that allow for amazing interactions, for example playing games on the so called “Magic Carpet”, which allows a person who is unable to move to interact with others through eye gaze.

Meet new people

Internet connectivity is also great for meeting new people and speaking your mind. Forums and chat rooms exist for any interest imaginable and are the perfect way to spend time socializing, discussing and laughing with people who think just like you. In a study** on the impact of Internet access of people with SCI, respondents had many positive things to say about the benefits of meeting people online:

“I’ve met a lot of people, especially girls . . . I found a girlfriend through the Internet.”

The Web allows me to trust other people more without having to see them.  I share more this way than through other forms of communication. I share intimacy, share problems and losses. It helps unload frustration.

“The chat rooms are a riot.  I’m meeting different people from around the world, socializing and getting ideas from other people.”

*This requires a compatible telephone
** Bethlyn Vergo Houlihan, Mari-Lynn Drainoni, Grace Warner, Shanker Nesathurai, Jane Wierbicky, Steven Williams; “The impact of Internet access for people with spinal cord injuries: a descriptive analysis of a pilot study”; Disability and Rehabilitation, 2003; vol. 25, no. 8, 422–431

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