Independent recreation

Victor is playing a game using a Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore

With SCI, stroke ALS or other disabilities, time can sometimes feel like it passes slowly. Hobbies and pastimes that you used to enjoy may seem harder to do. However, taking part in some type of recreation is very important. It can not only be a way to pass the time, but to have fun, learn, stimulate your mind, while improving your overall happiness and health. And accessing a computer and the Internet through gaze interaction is one of the best ways to do it.

Online recreation through gaze interaction

There are many ways you can entertain yourself, engage in hobbies, pastimes and passions using the Internet. You can watch TV and movies, listen to music and read books, however, Internet access allows you to do much more. Play games, chat with others about interests, take courses online, compose your own music, socialize, build websites – the options are endless. The Internet allows you to be engaged, challenge your mind and follow your interests.

Improved quality of life

Recreation through gaze interaction and computer access can help take your mind off of some of the discomfort that comes with a spinal cord injury or ALS and improve your quality of life. Participants in a recent study* said that the Internet was an entertaining, interesting, and exciting pastime that kept them from being bored and gave them increased access to the outside world.

It’s a wonderful pastime. It actually distracts my mind off some of my discomfort. I don’t want medication, I’d rather be distracted. I have spinal cord pain, [the Internet] gets myself out of myself.

Play with others

For parents with a spinal cord injury or ALS, one of the most valuable things that eye control can provide is the ability to play and interact with your kids. From computer games to watching films and helping with homework, eye control and computer access can offer many entertaining and fun ways to spend time together. One unique interactive technology, produced by Sensory Guru and used together with the Tobii Dynavox PCEye eye trackers, lets you play a number of educational games like soccer, eye asteroids, and many others.

With a device like the PCEye Mini or the dedicated communication devices in the I-Series+ you can control your TV, DVD, lights and more using infrared light (IR). Watch the video with Steve, one of our I-Series I-15+ users suffering from ALS, is really grateful to be able to watch TV with his children.

*Bethlyn Vergo Houlihan, Mari-Lynn Drainoni, Grace Warner, Shanker Nesathurai, Jane Wierbicky, Steven Williams; “The impact of Internet access for people with spinal cord injuries: a descriptive analysis of a pilot study”; Disability and Rehabilitation, 2003; vol. 25, no. 8, 422–431

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