The Tobii Eye Gaze Learning Curve opens the door to Eye Control and Gaze Interaction

Stockholm, Oct. 12, 2012 — Tobii Assistive Technology, the global leader in eye-tracking-enabled augmented communication and assistive technology devices, today  has announced the creation of The Tobii Eye Gaze Learning Curve, a step stone, leveled, component based, teaching-and-learning pathway for Eye Control and Gaze Interaction. Through carefully developed teaching and learning techniques, software and suggestions for care givers, individuals of all physical and cognitive abilities can gain access to the benefits of eye control, while keeping the learning fun and enriching at any level.

Eye gaze interaction for everyone

Until now, access to Eye Control and Gaze Interaction within Assistive Technology has been reserved for those that can immediately grasp the skills needed to use an eye controlled Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) device.

Through the Tobii Eye Gaze Learning Curve, individuals of virtually any physical or cognitive level of ability can take a step-by-step approach to learning the skills of eye control. From individuals without an understanding of cause and effect to those looking for a way to lead a more independent life through computer access, everyone can get the level of support they need to succeed.

“Eye control is the fastest and most efficient access method for selecting and indicating a position on a screen for individuals with physical disabilities. At Tobii, we believe that eye control is a skill like any other, and that it needs to be taught in a constructive way,” explains Oscar Werner, President of Tobii Assistive Technology. “The Tobii Eye Gaze Learning Curve takes a step by step approach that opens eye control technology to many more people.”

Increases possibilities for funding

Broadening the spectrum of individuals able to access eye control devices is only one of the benefits of the Tobii Eye Gaze Learning Curve. In many cases, the professional recommendation required to purchase and fund an Eye Controlled device is based on a measured level of achievement with the access method. The Tobii Eye Gaze Learning Curve makes it easier to measure that achievement and to prove the importance of an eye control device in an individual’s life, making obtaining one easier.

Defined steps to learning

The Tobii Eye Gaze Learning Curve consists of seven levels of learning that follow a user’s abilities and help them maximize the benefits of eye control at any level. They include:

  • Sensory – establishing screen engagement
  • Early Eye Tracking – motivating, seeking and acting on appropriate user responses
  • Exploration – playing, exploring, getting to know the computer, applications and Eye Control
  • Choosing  – introducing the first real attempts at active targeting using Eye Control
  • Turn Taking – continued targeting and determining if AAC vocabulary use is a possibility
  • Communication – learning Symbol and Language Communication through the use of AAC Vocabularies
  • Computer Access & Distance Communication – obtaining full computer access and complete digital inclusion

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