Our resellers

In certain markets and places we work together with a group of carefully selected and trained resellers. Just like us at Tobii Dynavox, our resellers are really dedicated and passionate about what they do.

In some markets,  we work together with more than one reseller and it is up to you to select the one you wish to buy from. Also when you buy a product via our web you can choose the support supplier you prefer.

The chosen reseller, or support supplier, will be your primary contact for all product related questions and technical issues.

Different focuses

Tobii Dynavox has a wide assortment, ranging from solutions for assistive and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), computer access, as well as the hospital and educational environment. Some of our resellers focus on one or a few of those areas.

The reseller will also be able to provide you with training, sometimes at an additional cost, but also recommend suitable accessories or add-on software to further enhance your product experience.

Tobii Dynavox sales policy

Tobii Dynavox operating companies and resellers may only sell and market our solutions to residents in the country where they operate. There are severel reasons for this, all of which are outlined in our sales policy.

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