Supporting literacy with Snap Scene

Published: 02/08/2017 14:37

It is important to always support literacy development, even for very young children.  This is especially important for children who are at risk for communication challenges.  Did you know that Snap Scene offers different ways to support literacy?  Use the tips below to create literacy rich communication experiences for your child.

Literacy Tip #1 - Add labels to Hotspots to provide constant exposure to print. After you have added a Hotspot, you can type in a label.  Try to keep your labels short with focus on main ideas. 

Tobii Dynavox Snap Scene ball scene

Literacy Tip #2 - Read lots of books and offer opportunities for repetition. Repeated reading of favorite books builds familiarity, increasing the likelihood that children will attempt to read books on their own and create a love of reading. It is also a great way to teach new words and concepts.  

 Snap Scene Images reading scene

Want to learn more ways to support literacy with Snap Scene? Click here.

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