Topics for School

Published: 03/07/2017 05:33

Having Topics that apply to many different areas of life is important not only for education but socialization. Teaching an individual how to use AAC is only successful if they apply what they learn to multiple aspects of their life.

School, for example, encompasses a wide spectrum of communication opportunities from gossiping in the cafeteria to answering a question in math to working with a group in art class. For young users, a majority of their time is spent in school, so it is important that they utilize AAC in multiple contexts - not just in their thirty minutes of speech therapy!

There are a variety of Topics relevant for an individual to use at school. The most obvious ones include the Classroom, Group Work, and Desk Work Topics to engage students and expand their communication into more meaningful conversations. There are additional topics relevant to school as well. For example, someone could use the Art Class or Centers Topics to talk about projects, colors, and working together in a group. When talking about the date, month, or upcoming holidays, the Calendar Topic is perfect to enhance communication. The Cafeteria Topic allows for conversations during eating lunch with others.

Other topics that can be helpful at school are Community, Help, Internet, Meals, Needs, News Sharing, Planning, Seasons, Playground, Snacks, Sports, Therapy, and more!

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