Supporting Growth with Core First Learning

Published: 11/09/2017 15:13

Did you know that Snap + Core First comes pre-loaded with great instructional materials created using Boardmaker Online?  Core First Learning is an instructional program that supports the language, communication, and literacy development of your students!  The instructional sequence includes a series of reading, writing, and language activities that complement each other.



Core First Learning helps your students learn the meaning, use, and placement of high frequency core words on their AAC system. 



Core First Learning is delivered through the Boardmaker Student Center which can be access from the Dashboard Menu in the Snap + Core First software.

Core First Learning is designed for beginning communicators across all grade bands. Use this program in your school, clinic, or home setting!

Added bonus:  If you have a Boardmaker Online account, you can also assign additional instructional activities to your student’s AAC device! 

To learn more about Core First Learning, click here.

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