Moving Buttons

Published: 22/08/2017 13:44

An AAC user is likely to be using their device every single day to communicate, so they definitely should be able to customize it exactly how they want.  Snap + Core First makes that possible!  Tobii Dynavox created Snap + Core First to be highly customizable because every AAC user deserves a device completely suited to their preferences and structured around their unique needs.  Part of that customization is having the ability to organize their device’s buttons.  By moving buttons, a user can choose to organize their device alphabetically, by frequency of use, or any other way they wish!   

There are 2 ways to move a button to a new location on a page. Once in edit mode (top right button) Click and drag the desired button to a new location. You can either place it on top of another button to switch the location of each button or you can drag it in between two buttons to put the button in between these buttons.








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