Modifying a Button

Published: 14/08/2017 17:53

There are a variety of ways to modify a button. Once in Edit mode you will see options to modify the Content, Style, Link to Page, and Action of the button along the left side.


●       Go the page that contains the button(s) you want to edit.

●       Select the Edit button.

●       Select the button you want to modify.

●       Add or change the label and symbol.


That is pretty much all you need to do!  Many buttons in the Snap software are already pre-programmed with everything you need.  However, if you want to get fancy…


●       Select the Style tab if you want to change the appearance of the button.

●       Select the Link to Page tab if you wish to change where your button links to.

●       Select the Action tab to change the action your button does when it is selected (ex. Speak, insert text in message window, etc.).

Click Done and exit Edit mode when you are done modifying your button.

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